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Electrical Rotating Machinery Repair Shop (ERMRS) has emerged to meet the growing demand for a quality motor rewinding facility and to comprehensively address the repair of both static and rotating Low Voltage equipment up to 690 Volts.

ERMRS is an ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED and ACTIVE MEMBER of EASA & AEMT that provides state of the art equipment and instruments for the in-house repair, dynamic balancing, diagnostic testing and rewinding of all types of electric motors, generators and transformers including Explosion and Flame Proof Motors as trained by AEMT.

ERMRS has a dedicated technical team of experienced rewinders and technicians led by an industry competent Sr. Workshop Manager.

Service Offered

  • Rewinding and Overhauling of different types of Industrial Motors up to 1000Hp with 56-450 Frame Size, Low Voltage (LV) Electrical Equipments such as
    > Induction Motor, Wound Rotor Induction Motor, DC Motor , Variable Speed Motor and Gear Motor.
    > Including RECLAMATION of Explosion Proof and Flame ProofLV Motors.
    > LV Generators, Sewage Pumps, Centrifugal Pump and Semi-Hermetic Compressor.
  • Rewinding of LV Transformer
  • Dynamic Balancing of any type of Rotary Components up to 2300kgs. like squirrel cage rotor, wound rotor, blower wheel, impeller and fan wheel.

Quick Contact

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Gate 151, Street 24,
Salwa Industrial Area , Doha, Qatar