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Electrical Rotating Machinery Repair Shop (ERMRS) has emerged to meet the growing demand for a quality motor rewinding facility and to comprehensively address the repair of both static and rotating Low Voltage equipment up to 690 Volts.

ERMRS is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and active member of EASA and AEMT that provides state of the art equipment and instruments for the in house repair, dynamic balancing, diagnostic testing and rewinding of all types of electric motors, generators, and transformers including explosion and flame proof motors.

ERMRS has a dedicated technical team of experienced rewinders and technicians led by an industry competent Sr. Workshop Manager.

Service Offered

  • Rewinding and Overhauling of different types of Industrial Motors up to 1000Hp with 56-450 Frame Size, Low Voltage (LV) Electrical Equipments such as
    > Induction Motor, Wound Rotor Induction Motor, DC Motor , Variable Speed Motor and Gear Motor.
    > Including RECLAMATION of Explosion Proof and Flame ProofLV Motors.
    > LV Generators, Sewage Pumps, Centrifugal Pump and Semi-Hermetic Compressor.
  • Rewinding of LV Transformer
  • Dynamic Balancing of any type of Rotary Components up to 2300kgs. like squirrel cage rotor, wound rotor, blower wheel, impeller and fan wheel.