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Modern fully equipped workshop with large bore hollow spindle and CNC machines for threading Tenaris Hydril WEDGE, MS, Blue, 3SB, ER, PH6, Quick Seal, Siderca SEC, Hunting SL Apex, HT, XD, HC & Boss, VAM TOP, VAM TOP HT, VAM TOP HC, VAM FJL, VAM 21, VAM 21 HT, NOV Grant Prideco HT PAC, PAC DSI, XT, VX, XF, EIS & GPDS, JFEBEAR, and API 5CT/SPEC 7-1 product. Manufacturing pup joint, crossovers, API 6A/16A flanged / hub type products. Repair and hardbanding of drill pipes / drill collars/crossovers/subs, refurbishment, and testing of valves, wellhead and Christmas trees, choke manifolds, riser spool, DSA, etc. including gas testing as per API 6A PSL 3G. Test & Assembly department for computerized torqueing of premium connections/makeup and hydrostatic testing of assemblies. Machine Shop Quality System is accredited by API with certification to APIQ1 and ISO9001 standards with issued licenses for API 5CT, 6A, 7-1 and 16A.

Machine Shop Facilities

The Machine shop Facilities located at street 24 of the Salwa Industrial Area were initially established in late 1995, Quality is taken very seriously. Our established Quality System has developed and continually improved alongside the expansion of the Machine Shop facilities. The external auditors and our customers all agree that our quality is second to none!

Manufacturing API Specification 5CT Products (API License No. 5CT-0418):

For the manufacture of casing and tubing accessories, pup joints, casing or tubing connectors, couplings, and threading of API group 1 & 2 products. Our machine shop has the capacity and capability to supply a full range of manufactured, and remanufactured API Specification 5CT products.

Manufacturing API Specification 7-1 Products (API License No. 7-1-0271):

For manufacture / remanufacture of Kellys, tool joints, drill stem subs, crossovers, drill collars, drill pipe, HW drill pipe, lift subs, etc. For API Spec 7-1 equipment we are more than capable to quickly turn round large volumes of rotary threaded connections on drill pipes, drill collars and crossovers.


Mud Cross

Premium Connections & Handbanding on drill pipes

Manufacturing API Specification 6A Products (API License No. 6A-0441):

For manufacture / remanufacture of threaded connections, adaptor and spacer spools, top connectors, flanged connectors, tees, crosses, crossover connectors, at PSL levels 1, 2, 3, 3G. We are the leading manufacturer of high pressure API 6A spools and crossover connections for the local and international market. All manufactured items are rigorously tested and inspected prior to dispatch.

Manufacturing API Specification 16A Products (API License No. 16A-0096):

Manufacturer of Drilling Spools, Divertor Spools and Adaptors and repairer of BOP, Annular and Risers. Using large diameter forged AISI 4130, we have the capability to manufacture Riser Spools, Crossover Spools, Divertor Spools, Adaptor Spools, hub connections, in sizes up to 21.1/4”. Equipment requiring overlayed CRA ring grooves can also be supplied. All manufactured items are supplied as standard, with inspection and full certification packages detailing all testing performed as per API requirements

Premium Connection Threading

Modern fully equipped workshop with large bore hollows spindle and CNC machines for threading casing and tubing with Tenaris Hydril Wedge, MS, Blue, 3SB, ER, PH6, Siderca SEC, TCII, Hunting SLApex, SLHT, SLXD, SLHC, SL Boss, JFE BEAR, VAM TOP, VAM FJL, VAM 21, VAM HT and premium double shouldered drill pipe connections VAM CDS, VAM EIS, VAM Express, VAM X-Force, Grant Prideco GPDS, HT, HTPAC, XT.

Test and Assembly

Our Test & Assembly department is housed in one of the most modern high tech facilities in the region. The purpose-built facility has been designed to provide make up and testing services for downhole completion equipment, which can be made up and tested in a highly efficient and safe manner. The Facility includes Computerised Torque Machines with capacity up to 22” and test bay complete with full camera and computer recording facilities. Additionally, it houses a large underground pit for performing underwater Gas testing of Christmas Tree and Wellhead Equipments.

Stabilizer Brazing and Grinding

Venture Gulf manufactures and repairs stabilizers, pilot mills, junk mills, tapered mills and flat mills. Manufactured items can be machined from our bar stock of AISI 4145 VENTURE GULF ENGINEERING W.L.L material and either cutting grade Brazed Carbide or wear grade Tungsten Carbide Insert can be bonded (HF1000, HF3000, HF5000 Processes).

Other Products And Services

We manufacture various types of special connection items such as high pressure hammer unions, wireline tools, Fishing tools, nipples, adaptors, crossovers and casing hangers. Our Test & Assembly section also performs servicing, repair and testing activities on all Valve / Wellhead / Christmas Tree equipment.

Quality Assurance

Using the state of the art equipment, together with highly skilled technical personnel, it is our aim to produce the highest quality products in the reqion.Our Quality System has been approved by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and awarded certification for API Q1, ISO 9001 specifications for the manufacture and repair of Oil field equipment.

Torquing Machine

Stabilizer Brazing